zoe vision

zoe vision

Espresso machine


Digital timer for each group head

Timers came into the top barista machines of the last decade, but the first entrants to the single boiler market did not benefit. Zoe Vision changes that. Zoe Vision shows the barista the actual time it takes for the machine to make the desired espresso.


Twin SR Rapid frothers

Thanks to Sanremo's unique frother design, making finely moistened milk is extremely easy for the art of coffee. Large boilers help to make quality coffee even during the busiest periods.


Designed to make delicious coffee

Although the configuration of the Zoe system in one boiler is broadly similar to many other coffee machines, experienced coffee makers quickly realize that with Zoe, coffee making seems more consistent and coffee tastes better.



Each espresso is pre-soaked, so the coffee is moistened before the main brew, reducing the chances of lean and bitter coffee and helping you to achieve a perfectly delicious cup.


Easy to clean and maintain

The automatic back rinse program allows both group heads to be cleaned with a preset program. This "back rinse" removes all coffee grounds, while you can focus on doing other things.


Color selection

White or black body, with optional black or red interior panels. They can be easily customized with the RAL color code according to your interior design or brand. Just ask for an offer.


led lighting 

The vision was given its name not only because of the presence of timers, but also because the machine has built-in low-energy LED lights.


A solid investment

While you can spend a little more on Zoe Vision than other entry-level machines on the market, the benefits are really important to you - you can enjoy a solid machine that looks good on your counter and reliably makes delicious coffee, helping you maintain and expand your customer base.

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