1% to the planet

It is not enough for us to simply reduce our ecological footprint 
Through the Eden reforestation project, we plant more than 40 trees a year. It has 000 trees a day and the equivalent of 110 football fields full of hips. They are all planted throughout the equatorial zone with the help of local labor. So we are not only creating jobs for coffee-growing countries, but we are also ensuring that climate change is combated. 

Eden reforestation projects

Don't worry, we don't plant these trees ourselves, we can't be sure how good we would be at it, so we stick to roasting coffee and leaving it to the planting experts.

These experts are the leaders of Eden's reforestation projects, which are so skilled in their work that they have planted more than half a billion trees. Local labor is used for planting and maintenance, which helps to reduce poverty. To date, we have planted 12,487 trees and created 124.9 working days.

Our coffee packaging

Our packaging is fully recyclable, made of PE material. They can be recycled wherever conventional shopping bags are received - in most households, apartment associations and usually in larger shopping centers.

We spent a lot of time choosing this material. Because all packaging is made of a single material, it is easy to recycle, and although we would not prefer plastic, we believe that recycling is the best way and option at the moment. Coffee bags often seem reusable, but unfortunately this is a rather rare phenomenon. For example, conventional brown paper packages have kraft paper on the outside, foil on the inside, and a plastic tap for gas outlet. Biodegradable products emit much more methane than they decompose in landfills (which, unfortunately, usually end up).

What we do in the roastery

We recycle everything we can in our roastery, the rest of the waste does not go to the landfill, but is turned into energy.

We deliver goods within London by electric car.

We have reduced water use in our roastery and kitchen by 33%.

We supply many of our wholesale customers in reusable containers.