Espresso machine

We are proud to launch a new espresso machine: F18SB.

The idea for this device has come from a huge community demand - an intuitive and high performance machine. In designing the F18SB, we have decided to put all our years of experience and the best available technological innovations into a machine that is designed to be a benchmark for many companies. The F18SB is the ideal partner for restaurants, cafes, roasters and bars around the world, where reliability, durability and speed are especially needed.

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  • Chrome-plated brass group with thermosiphon circulation system that keeps the water at the ideal temperature for making coffee
  • Reliable stainless steel steam buttons with a quarter turn.
  • Energy-efficient system, insulation and smart energy management help save up to 30% energy
  • Its rectangular metal construction makes the machine durable and long-lasting - it even seems to withstand a nuclear explosion.
  • All electronics are mounted on the side panels, making it easy for technicians to access the electronics.
  • The internal electronics are sophisticated and optimized for security.
  • Incredible temperature stability, making this machine ideal for medium and large volume businesses.

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