Espresso machine


• With PID heat control and insulated boiler, the F18 falls into our SEEM product range (Sanremo energy efficient machines), which means that the machine uses up to 35% less CO2 than a traditional single boiler machine.

• High-performance stainless steel frothers are "Cool Touch", which means the barista can focus 100% on the art of his latte without having to worry about getting burned.

• Quarter turn reliable stainless steel steam knobs.

• Touch screen interface makes navigation easier than ever.

• Its rectangular metal construction makes the machine durable and long-lasting - it even seems to withstand a nuclear explosion.

• All electronics are mounted on the side panels, making it easy for technicians to access the electronics.

• Internal electronics are sophisticated and optimized for security.

• Incredible temperature stability, making this machine ideal for medium and large volume businesses.

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