Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer

Espresso machine


• Café Racer is the official machine of the World Championships Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirit Champions 2019-2020, in appearance and nature it looks like a workhorse. This is particularly noticeable in a crowded place, and the machine is imbued with the rebellious attitude of 50's Italian motorcyclists, with Sanremo's clear Italian heritage and innovative technical construction. By fusing these elements together, a coffee machine has been created for you that demands attention and points out respect. What distinguishes Café Racer?

• With its challenging tubular design, it rises above other espresso coffee machines.

• It's incredibly easy to customize. 20 different design solutions directly from the factory and the possibility to choose color combinations to improve your brand or space.

• This is the first espresso machine with a separate control panel for each group head. When set up with its intuitive control panel interface, its ease of use means that baristas with all levels of technical knowledge can achieve fantastic results.

• Café Racer includes state-of-the-art temperature and water volume control, offering exceptional precision and high volume.

• All the features of this machine have been designed and developed to help baristas make better coffee faster, more consistently and more easily.

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